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B GRADE Commercial Wine Fridge Dual zone 115 bottles hire

B GRADE Commercial Wine Fridge Dual zone 115 bottles hire

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    B GRADE Commercial Wine Fridge Dual zone 115 bottles Hire

    Elevate your wine storage with our B GRADE Commercial Wine Fridge Hire - a perfect blend of functionality and style. This dual-zone marvel accommodates up to 115 bottles, ensuring that your prized wine collection is preserved at its finest. With separate temperature controls for the upper and lower zones, you can store both reds and whites at their ideal serving temperatures.

    Designed with commercial-grade precision, this wine fridge features a sleek and modern aesthetic, making it an impressive addition to any wine cellar, bar, or restaurant. The B GRADE Commercial Wine Fridge not only enhances the appeal of your space but also provides a reliable environment for your wines to mature gracefully.

    Key Features:

    1. Dual-zone temperature control: Customize the climate for reds and whites, ensuring each bottle is stored at its optimal temperature.
    2. 115-bottle capacity: Generous storage space for wine enthusiasts and commercial establishments alike.
    3. Commercial-grade precision: Designed for reliability and durability, making it suitable for professional use.
    4. Sleek and modern design: Elevate the aesthetics of your space with a stylish wine fridge that complements any decor.
    5. Efficient cooling system: Enjoy consistent and efficient cooling to protect your wines from temperature fluctuations.

    Upgrade your wine storage experience with the B GRADE Commercial Wine Fridge - where sophistication meets functionality. Explore the world of fine wines with confidence and style.

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